Flow blog

The message I want to give you, at the “beginning” of this website….

Imagine a beautiful dolphin. Grey, striped, speckled, whatever you want.
This dolphin plays wonderfully with the waves. Now and then he jumps out of them, surfing along on the top of a big wave. You see the joy of life in the twinkle of his eyes, the smile on his mouth and the silly jumps he makes. Sometimes he is together with a female and that too gives him joy and pleasure. Rarely you see him swimming against the waves, because that takes too much energy. That is why he loves to be carried by the waves of the sea. A dolphin will see where he ends up and if a tasty fish comes along, well, then it's time to eat.

How hard do we make it for ourselves by keeping on trying to swim against the current, to be thrown back again and again to our starting point. Or even further back! We often make our life unnecessarily complicated and difficult. We create our own storms and waves of meters high, which we struggle to overcome. Why do we make it so hard for ourselves?

Imagine yourself as that beautiful dolphin. How wonderful must it be if you could live like that. Play, love and let yourself be carried where ever the waves take you. It could be that simple. Let your go of your own headwind and high waves and GO WITH THE FLOW!


Be the change you wish to see in the World.

Learn as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die tomorrow.

Do not focus on what you don’t want, but you focus on what you do want.

Treat the other like you wish to be treated yourself.

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