In the fall I offer the following workshops and courses.

India meets China
This workshop consists of six lessons, which are taught together with a Yoga teacher. Every person has a so called weak spot. With the one it is the back, with the other it is the stomach, or headache. What do you do about it? You take a pain killer, one little paracetamol can’t hurt, right??? Or are you going to look at what your body really needs? In this workshop we are going to find out which meridians lay alongside your weak spot. Ever meridian is linked to an organ. So, which organ is disrupted? And what can you do about it yourself?

This workshop brings the best of both worlds together: India (yoga) and China (meridians).
The first part of every class exists of a bit of theory, where two together belonging organs with their meridians are being treated. For example, which weather type, food or which emotion belongs to the concerning organ. By listening to your organs and by living by it, you become healthier.
You come closer to your energy and yourself.
After the theory we start working physically, by practicing Yoga poses, which belong specifically to the previously discussed organs. The class is finished with a short meditation and a cup of tea.

The minimum number of participants is four, maximum seven.
Interested? Please freely contact me.

Basic course Shiatsu
Do you like to touch people? Or do you like to be massaged yourself?
Have you always wanted to know more about meridians and their functions?
Then the basic course Shiatsu might be something for you.
In ten lessons you learn the basic massage. Knowing this doesn’t make you a therapist, but you can give your family members or friends a relaxing massage.
And relaxation is the base of healing….

The minimum number of participants is four, maximum eight.
To receive more information, please call or email me.

Party or special event at work?
Upon request I will come by to offer brief massages on the chair.
This can be extended to other activities.
Want to know more? Please contact me, then we can talk through things.

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In the world of knowledge, something new is added every day. In pursuit of the Tao, every day something is let go.
(Lao Tzu)

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